Module 2: Getting To Know The Real Me & YouModule 2: Getting To Know The Real Me & YouNULL

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Module 2: Getting To Know The Real Me & You

Module 2: Getting To Know The Real Me & You

In this module the students explore their own personalities to help them to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. This assessment also helps them to determine which jobs might be suitable for them. This module also begins the discussion of boundaries. It is important for the students to realize when someone has crossed the line and encroached on their boundaries. Once they have defined their own personal space, qualities and boundaries this module then looks at the art of teamwork and how important it is in the workplace.

  • The students know that society plays a large role in defining who they are.
  • The student will be able to work in a team and feel that their contributions are valuable.
  • The students take a personality test to find out more about themselves and they learn more about each other and the value of teamwork.
  • The students learn to identify different perceptions of society.
  • The students are able to define and recognize boundaries.

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