Ukarimu's Impact

Why Tourism & Hospitality?

The Tourism & Hospitality sector has the potential to employ millions of young people on the African continent. It could provide youth with decent jobs and the opportunity to grow personally and professionally – but only if done right. Unfortunately, tourism & hospitality are often considered a last resort. Many young people working in the lower ranks of the sector, therefore do not consider it as a long-term career path. One of the factors that contributes to this situation is the lack of relevant and high quality training opportunities across the continent that focus on practical skills that are relevant for the sector.

Ukarimu, a Swahili word for ‘hospitality’, was developed in 2019 to solve exactly that problem: we aim to make relevant tourism & hospitality training materials freely accessible to anyone with an interest in preparing young people in Africa for a great career in the tourism & hospitality industry!

Ukarimu and...

Decent Work

Not every job in tourism & hospitality is a decent one. In fact, exploitation in all forms is a big problem! We offer support to both employees and employers to promote the well-being of every staff member.


We aim to promote sustainable and responsible tourism. That is why these are essential elements of each training course.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has hit tourism companies tremendously and many people have lost their jobs. We help tourism companies to reposition themselves, to implement the SOPs and help former employees to get the right skills to re-enter the market.

Our Results

4 Courses

Hospitality, Product Development, Tour Guiding, Digital Marketing and more to come later!

36 Modules

All modules can roughly be implemented in one day by any trainer. They can all be downloaded on this website for free!

2 Facilitation Guides

The facilitation guides help trainers to implement the trainings successfully.

1 Ukarimu Academy App

This app is an additional tool for students, particularly for those that cannot participate in an offline training. It is freely downloadable in the Google Play Store.

9 Trainings

These trainings are official Ukarimu trainings. Many more trainers have used parts of the curriculum.

163 Graduates

45 in 2019
118 in 2021
154 expected in 2022

96% of students would recommend Ukarimu

General rating of curriculum content by students is 92%.

75% of unemployed graduates found a job within 4 months

Based on 44 graduates in 2019.

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